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The Future of ESG in Commercial Real Estate

The majority of attention is placed on the “E” because it is tangible. We know what we can do to positively impact the planet and most large companies


Effective Preventive Maintenance Management: Tips for Commercial Property Managers (+checklist)

Preventive maintenance is the performance of regularly scheduled maintenance to preempt unexpected failures. It is simply the act of fixing things before they are broken.


CAM Reconciliation and CAM Charges – How to Manage Them

In commercial real estate, the Common Area Maintenance (CAM) section of a commercial property lease has far-reaching consequences, so it’s important to develop a thorough understanding of CAM charges and how to account for them.

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We’ve got exciting news: Fyxt raises $4 million in a Series A funding round

2022 is shaping up to be an incredible year at Fyxt, and we’re only halfway through! We’re excited to announce today that we raised a $4M Series A funding round, led by the proptech-focused venture capital firm RET Ventures.

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Commercial Real Estate: Vendor Management Best Practices

The average overall turnover rate for onsite maintenance stands at about 39% (see the figure below). Why is it so high? What set of challenges does vendor management bring for property managers?

10 Signs You've Outgrown Your Property Management Software

10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Property Management Solution

Property management services are an essential part of the real estate industry. Not everyone with the funds and insight to buy a profitable property also has the time, energy, and skills to manage that property to its best potential.


13 Best Commercial Property Management Software: Reviewed and Compared

From easier collaboration to more accurate reporting, to strategic portfolio budgeting, technology has made property and asset managers life a little bit easier. Property management software is an application designed to save businesses time and money

Understanding Commercial Lease Agreement as a Property Manager

Understanding Commercial Lease Agreements as a Property Manager

The global property management market has been on the rise, growing nearly 8.7% each year. And, while much of that growth is certainly due to residential property growth, not all of it is. In fact, the number of clients looking for a commercial lease makes up a huge amount of the industry.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Property Management Platform

How to Choose the Right Commercial Property Management Platform

Is your team struggling managing multiple maintenance requests across all your properties? Are you getting the detailed operational expense reports on time? Could communication workflows be improved?

Fyxt Property Operations Platform

A cloud-based, mobile first collaboration platform to manage all commercial real estate in a single app.
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