Financial Operations

Connect the Dots. Beat Your Budget.

Our system is dynamic and configurable to the financial best practices at your business, with direct integrations to automate the flow of critical information across your financial systems and reporting tools. Minimize data entry and gain real-time financial insights.

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Financial Operations Cost Control

Cost Control

Cost Controls, Built-in

From dynamic teams, to user permissions, workflow tools, PMA limits, and one-click multi-bidding, Fyxt delivers a powerful toolbox of cost-control tools, to ensure you have full transparency into your portfolio spend in real-time.

Budget Management

Budget with Confidence

Fyxt provides fully configurable reporting across hundreds of financial performance data points, providing property managers with a new level of historical property and portfolio cost insight to support a fast, accurate budgeting process.

Financial Operations Budget Management
Financial Operations Accounting Insights

Accounting Insights

Close the Books in No-time Flat

Fyxt provides context to accounting to eliminate invoice reviews and fast track your accounting close. Owners and asset managers can look behind the line-items to better understand what was spent, and why.