Commercial Tenant Experience

Tools CRE Tenants Actually Need

CRE tenants are focused on managing their business, not their real estate. Fyxt delivers the information and tools to automate property operations, minimizing downtime and surfacing info to property management when necessary.

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Commercial Tenant Experience Digital Lease Abstracts

Digital Lease Abstracts

Never manually check a Lease Again

Fyxt surfaces lease documents, terms, and responsibilities in a digital searchable format, so that CRE tenants can clearly understand their responsibilities, and resolve issues fast.

Tenant Operations

Manage Your Business, Not Your Real Estate

From repairs, to insurance, and preventive maintenance, Fyxt is a digital amenity for serious occupiers to automate the tasks they’re responsible for across their properties.

Commercial Tenant Experience Tenant Operations
Commercial Tenant Experience Vendor Management

Vendor Management

The Right Vendor, for Every Job

Fyxt enables property managers to share their insured, licensed, approved, and rated vendors with their CRE Tenants, allowing occupiers to quickly identify top vendors and bid out work to get the best price, every time.