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Never Miss a Beat

Fyxt centralizes, streamlines, and automates communication across your portfolio via email, phone, sms, chat, web forms, and… the list goes on. With Fyxt Inbox, you’re one click away.

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Your Email, Supercharged

Empower your team to seamlessly receive, manage, and send messages across the preferred channels (email, sms, phone) to your tenants and vendors, faster than ever.

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Let Vendors be Vendors

Unlike any other system, Fyxt does not force vendors to log-in to a platform in order to save you time. Our system automates information transfer with vendors via email and sms so they don’t need to learn anything new.

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You’re Only Gonna Say It Once

Fyxt enables you to sort, save and send communications to whoever, whenever, however, you want. Email, sms, notifications, and more.