Making a Commercial Building ESG Compliant Checklist

If you’re a property manager, use this guide to learn what aspects of ESG relate to commercial real estate and how companies can drive long-term ESG value.

  • Environmental, sustainability and governance impact as it relates to commercial real estate
  • Steps to make a commercial building more energy efficient
  • ESG-compliance strategies for commercial property management teams

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About this Checklist

  • 1

    ESG Trends in Commercial Real Estate – 2023

    Strive for net zero carbon emissions, reduced energy and water consumption and more

  • 2

    Why should Commercial Real Estate Investors, Owners and Managers care about ESG?

    From community involvement and helping the environment to optimizing operating costs

  • 3

    How Can Commercial Property Management Software Address These Needs?

    Preventive maintenance automation, carbon impact number tracking, local and DBE vendor tracking and more