Commercial Real Estate Tenant Survey Template

If you’re a property manager, use this survey template to collect information from tenants, analyze the results and implement operational optimizations to improve tenant retention rates.

  • Survey your tenants to measure their satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) of facilities condition, property management services, maintenance & repair services.
  • Take timely actions to improve tenant retention and maximize contract renewals in the times of rising operating costs

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About this Checklist

  • 1

    Facilities appearance and condition

    From elevators, to stairwell, to loading docs – learn and prioritize the key areas for improvement

  • 2

    Property management services

    Effective property management goes beyond work order scheduling – learn their pain points

  • 3

    Maintenance & repair services

    Vendor-tenant communication, service provider professionalism and time taken to complete the repairs are key factors to tenant satisfaction