Creating more transparency in the overall lease contract management: from knowing every dollar tenants spend on the property as per the contract, having the ability to renegotiate lease terms that are based on data, flagging tenant maintenance or capital expenditures as building improvements, and ensuring completion of all tenant improvements will help retain asset value, while helping property management teams deliver real-time services to improve tenant satisfaction.


Fyxt introduces the commercial real estate’s first-ever Digital Experience Platform that connects Asset Owners, Asset Management, Property Management Teams, Tenants, and Service Providers in a collaborative experience. Fyxt is a cloud-based, mobile-first, paper-free, complete and integrated digital platform for all commercial property streamlined and collaboration in real-time. Some of the benefits include:

Fyxt Command Center

Fyxt Users can design workflows unique to their operations and leases. This allows for automation and full transparency, saving time and money for all parties involved.

Lease Abstract Manager

Lease Abstract Engine digitizes the responsibilities in a tenants lease and drives the appropriate workflows. Supporting all lease types NNN, Gross, Modified.

Integrated Calendar

Fyxt scheduling tool and calendar synchs with Outlook and Google Calendar. In system notifications as well as automated email and sms triggers keep everyone on track.

Reactive Maintenance

Fyxt can help quantify the cost and quality of every vendor, ensure insurance compliance and provide passive quality control to tenants who now have direct access to pre-vetted and approved vendors. No more differed maintenance.

Direct Property Chat

Fyxt supports all users with direct and group messaging, in system, email or sms. Allowing for full transparency and helpful notes to get the job done right the first time.

Preventative Maintenance

Fyxt allows property management teams to track historical issues and plan for preventive maintenance, reoccurring maintenance, Tenant Improvements and Capital Expenditures all in one digital system.

Reports & Analytics

Enjoy a birds-eye view of your full portfolio activities so there are no surprises. Through proprietary analytics, Fyxt creates actionable insight into your operations so you can get back to what’s most important - Growing your business. Know the details behind the line items on your P + L statement.

External Vendor Management

Fyxt supports pay-rolled and external maintenance professionals. Seamless on- boarding in seconds and data migration back into our system directly from their email. Vendors never need to change their current business process.

Fyxt Property Operations Platform

A cloud-based, mobile first collaboration platform to manage all commercial real estate in a single app.
For Asset Owners, Property Managers, Tenants, and Service Providers.